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cmnt to add.


001. you're a slutbag.
002. you're ignorant.
003. we don't have anything in common.
004. you're a person that tYpEz lYK dizZ LOLZ`!1


a few facts ;

my personality is like magic.
i live in my own wonderland.
i really don't care what you think of me,
& no. i'm not jealous of you.
i don't get along with many girls.
i do love my friends. ♥
taken. that's all i need to say.
i play video games, & very well. [bitchesgetpwnt.]

i'm generally nice.
but, if you fuck with what i love, you'll eat the sidewalk.
body modifications are an addiction i cannot afford.
i like meeting new people, as long as they're nifty.